It stretched out like the head of a bird into the English Channel – Hardy a once called Portland the ‘Gibraltar of Wessex’.

The towering rock, the houses above houses, one mans doorstep rising above another mans chimney, the gardens hung up by one edge into the sky, the vegetables on apparently vertical planes, the unity of the whole island as a solid and single block of limestone four miles long, for centuries immemorial the home of a curious an almost distinctive people cherishing strange beliefs and singular customs: this is the Isle Of Portland – a unique and wonderful place near Weymouth on the Jurassic Coast.

Hardy wrote a novel – “The Isle of Slingers” which is based on the peninsula, as the mighty Chesil bank joins it to the mainland. Portland measures roughly four by one and three-quarter miles, with a circumference of nine miles. It consists practically of one solid mass of rock or freestone, and contains nine or ten villages or hamlets. The names of the villages are purely Anglo-Saxon, and they emphasize the veneration once paid to wells of water. If Portland is your home then this is your website.

Where is the Isle of Portland?

The Isle of Portland is situated 5 miles south of Weymouth and is the most southerly point in the county of Dorset. Famous for its steep white cliffs it is only joined to the mainland by the famous Chesil Beach, a long shingle bank. The island is very popular with tourists and it is not hard to see why. Renowned for its landscape, peace and quiet, tourists flock to the Isle of Portland every year to visit its famous red and white lighthouse, Portland Castle and the general beauty of the local area.

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